The Construction Industry is largely dependent on CTD bars (Cold Twisted Deformed), HYSD bars (High Yielding Strength Deformed) and the best quality TMT bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated).
The thermo mechanical treatment in TMT bars exerts is effectiveness by creating temperature gradient between hot inner core and cooler surface.
This treatment forms a hard outer surface created by steel crystalline structure. The high temperatures and subsequent shaping by twisting and rolling results in the micro-structure called TMT bars.
10 Advantages of Using TMT Bars:

  1. TMT bars lend superior welding ability, working ability, ductility and better elongation.
  2. The best quality TMT bars are widely used in the construction industry due to their amazing flexibility in construction.
  3. Using TMT bars in construction is cost-effective and increases the pace of construction.
  4. TMT bars are also easy to maintain and transport owing to their light weight
  5. The best quality TMT bars minimizes the risk of damage due to natural calamities like earthquake and fire casualties.
  6. The best part is that the steel of TMT bars can be recycled without compromising on quality
  7. The steel framers are easy to create and assemble
  8. The TMT bars manufactures find it easy to create and assemble the required steel frames in the manufacturing factory.
  9. TMT bars are highly flexible in nature, because of which they does not get cracks even after bending 180 degrees. The better elongation becomes possible because of the better ductility of the steel.The TMT bars with better elongation rate are easy to carry and offer maximum saving in comparison to the CTD bars. This makes them perfect for areas prone to cyclones, earthquakes and other natural calamities.
  10. TMT bars are corrosion resistant and thus help in reducing the rate of corrosion possible due to concrete. The rust has higher volume than steel and corrosion results in cracking of the construction.

The corrosion resistant TMT bars are manufactured by blending elements like Copper, Chromium and Phosphorus. These bars offer superior protection from the humid environment of coastal areas or underground water construction.

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