The Dramatic Rise of India’s Steel Industry

Since the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991, China, Japan and the US have remained the largest steel producers of the world. However, in 1996, China replaced Japan and became the largest producer. Since then, Japan has remained the second largest steel maker with an output of 105 million tonnes in 2016. Over the [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Steel

Steel has been used in construction since the first skyscrapers were built in the late 19th century. But recently, steel has become an option for smaller buildings and even personal residences. Using steel has certain advantages:Steel is considered a “green” product in that it is entirely recyclable. In fact, a builder will be able to [...]

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India is witnessing high steel demand

2018 will write new success chronicles for steel manufacturing sector In the course of 2017, engaging thoughts had been molded into success stories and innovations & technologies had shown a glimpse of a modern future. Many industries had seen a robust growth with a great planning of expansion. Such is the growth of the [...]

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What is the importance of steel in construction sector?

In our lives, steel has a major influence as whatever we are surrounded by, like the cars, houses, offices, roads etc, we find the existential value of steel. The contemporary world today, depends upon the outline of steel and the future of infrastructural development has the unimagined technological excellence in stores for the world.A country [...]

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A Name that Reckons Trust and Commitment

The gravity of infrastructural development in the nation is substantial and the dependence on the use of technology in redesigning the face of India in this sector is noteworthy. ARS Steel has always been producing exclusive quality products using most avant-garde expertise to quench the market demand. This is to provide matchless strength to the [...]

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