Environment-Friendly Construction materialWith the constantly changing environment, it is important to be environmentally aware and concerned. The growing environment threats and increase in the level of pollution, people are also getting inclined to sustainable development. This has spurred the need of environment-friendly home construction options. By the use of these simple concepts and easy methods, you can turn your emission-producing powerhouse into an environment-friendly home.

Environment-Friendly Construction material

Sustainable construction helps to reduce the impact of construction on the environment. From linoleum flooring to TMT steel bars, using sustainable construction materials is the best way to limit our carbon footprints. Using TMT Bars is preferred over conventional steel bars as the manufacturing process of TMT steel bars utilizes 17% less steel and delivers 20% more strength.

Go for a Green Foundation

In place of concrete, choose greener options for constructing the foundation of your house. Choose processes like rammed earth and rubble for building an environment-friendly home foundation. Rubble can be strengthened using TMT steel bars, which firmly holds the overall structure of the building. Rammed earth foundation is also an appropriate pick for forming base of the wall provided contained with a strong mould.

Green Roof or Conventional Roofing

The pattern of green roof is on the similar lines of traditional roofing. The only and the most prominent difference is that the materials of green roofing solution are obtained from sustainable sources, which includes thatched roof, wood shingles instead of concrete tiles. Green roofing solution is an excellent insulator and retains rainwater as well.

Create an Intelligent Home Design

Design your home as per the natural topography. Design an interior that maximizes cross-ventilation. This not only brings natural light inside your home but also reduces the need of artificial light. Also, use structured insulated panels reinforced by TMT steel bars for the roofs and walls. You may also make use of compressed soil for structural walls in your home.

Harness the Solar Energy

The most legit way to reduce energy bills is solar powered panels. All of us should consider installing solar panels on our roofs for increasing the efficiency of our homes.

Rely on Recycling

Do you wonder where the scrap of your house and newspapers go, the answer might be as close as your walls. Insulation made from recycled materials pays off in many ways in the short term and the long run. Using recyclables decreases the initial material cost many times than the virgin materials. With this, you also save money over time by using insulating products that perform better than the first-use insulation. Wood, Wood pulp, soybean products are a few of the materials found as spray-in or roll insulation.

All of the above ways provide wholesome solution for building an environment-friendly home. There are numerous innovative and cost-saving initiatives included in the building plan that would help frame a greener future. It’s high time that we all consult our builders and use TMT steel bars and environment-friendly construction materials to reduce the environmental-impact of our homes.

No matter how much we restrict ourselves to implement it in our real life but this is certainly the way of the future. It is essential for securing our survival as well as our planet.