Ashwani Kumar Bhatia
Founder and Managing Director

ARS was instituted on strong conviction and strategic vision. Powered by a dedicated team of professionals and headed by visionary leaders, our highly devoted workforce has built the company brick by brick. The repute which the ARS brand enjoys today is built upon loyal and unstinting customer support, painstakingly nurtured through the years. ARS has, over the years, established a formidable presence in Tamil Nadu and emerged as a premium supplier of steel and electricity.

ARS is planning on ramping up its steel production and power generation to double its present capacity. While focusing on contiguous markets like Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, it is also exploring avenues abroad, especially in South Asian countries to reach a gamut of opportunities worldwide.

In the context of new challenges in the Steel & Power sector, ARS should work ever more intensively to develop a deep understanding of the needs of the customers and the communities it serves, not only to balance the demand and supply, but also to have sustained growth. Only then, will it deliver revolutionary products and services that bring delight to its customers and communities.

Any evolution and entrepreneurial thinking may lead to some short-term obstacles, but the ARS family has and always will overcome these obstacles to stay on course for long-term growth and advancement.

I thank all my colleagues for making this possible year after year through their valuable endeavours and commitment to the sustainable and profitable growth of our organisation.