ARS 500 D

Grade: Fe – 500 D, Range – 8mm Dia to 32mm Dia

Keeping in mind the unwavering faith and growing demand customers have for its rebars, ARS decided to rebrand its 500 D grade rebars as “500D”, to reinforce and reemphasize the importance the company places on trust.

The durability associated with 500D surpasses standards set by the revolutionary technology of TEMPCORE (Belgium) and the Quality Management of Michigan, USA. These set standards usually specify a minimum YS of 500 N/mm², which is then benchmarked by various structural consultants, engineers, architects, and designers.

In the case of 500D, the typical value of yield strength is to be more than 500N/mm² and the typical value of ductility is observed to be more than the specified value of 16% (in accordance with IS:1786;) thus, guaranteeing higher levels of safety.

The minimum levels of Phosphorous (P) and Sulphur (S) in the manufacturing of billets makes the steel more pure and ductile, providing it with a greater capacity to absorb energy beyond the yield limit.


Engineer’s Pride.