ARS 550D follows stringent quality management and control procedures to deliver performance rich products. Manufactured in a sophisticated, fully automated, large integrated rolling mill, ARS 550D undergoes several rounds of thorough quality checks and examinations till the desired finish is achieved.

The company always ensures to enhance its customer experience; therefore there are in-house facilities like OES (Optical Emission Spectometry) and Lab facilities for Macro Analysis of the products. This special quality of ARS 550D TMT bars are also labeled as ARS “550D Fe 550D”. Here, “Fe” signifies ferrous denoting iron, “550” indicates the minimum yielding strength and “D” indicates ductility. The high ductility amplifies the shock withstanding capacity and makes ARS 550D earthquake and fire resistant up to 500 Degree Celsius. Driven by values, commitment and strong urge to deliver the best to its customers, ARS 550D ensures to surpass all the quality control specification enlisted by BIS.


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