The prime factor to keep in view before constructing a rigid, long-lasting civil or commercial structure is the material used in making. It is highly important to pick the right quality of material to ensure high durability of the structure.
The material chosen for any construction must stand tall on all expectations. Here’s a checklist of all important materials without which, a construction project is incomplete.


This is the base of any construction and a vital component in constructing a structure. Bricks are prepared from heating mud, clay, ceramic material in a kiln. Post which, all the burnt material is dried to make it hard. Majorly bricks burnt in hire are used for constructing homes. The cavities in the bricks help them in drying and make them light-weighted. These bricks are reinforced with the mix of cement and sand to prepare walls, ceilings and aesthetical details of the home.


Cement is the binding material used to bind bricks and TMT rods together. The ability of cement to set with water classifies it into hydraulic and non-hydraulic. Hydraulic cement is power-packed with adhesive properties, because of which it quickly sets with water that too under wet conditions, whereas, non-hydraulic cement doesn’t set under wet conditions. Hydraulic cement is largely used for constructing homes.


Concrete is the building material formed by mixing aggregate composites and cement. Portland cement concrete is one of the most used concretes for construction. It is made using gravel, cement and water. Once these components are mixed well, the produced mixture is left to harden and the final product is known as concrete. Concrete has a low tensile strength and therefore TMT rod or re-bars are used to strengthen it.


Out of all these TMT bars are widely preferred construction materials. These are manufactured after a rigorous process that includes rolling, compression, and heat treatment, followed by quenching. The last step helps to harden the outer layer, which gives it superior strength and durability. Superior quality TMT Steel bars ensure durability and stability of your home. The ribbed exterior of the TMT bars supports its bond with the cement and lends a firm support to the structure. Moreover, the super-bending ability of TMT bars, which is due to its soft ferrite-pearlite core help the construction workers mould it into various shapes. Apart from the other features, corrosion-resistance and earthquake-resistance are the major highlights of TMT rods.