The ARS approach is a unique one that ensures steady sustenance and improvement of key elements, that contribute towards the holistic well being of the community. Care was taken to first identify the basic needs of the local populace, and accordingly a comprehensive CSR strategy was devised.

Some of the key areas of the community-based development programs are:

  • Provision of pre-natal and post-natal support programs for women.
  • Removal of malnourishment via food-for-all programs for children.
  • Construction of a primary health centre with the provision of an emergency ambulance in the local panchayat.


Provision for computers, study materials and furniture was made, so that the children from these impoverished areas could receive an education that is on par with the education delivered in private schools across the state.

The company also serves its communities by:

  • Ensuring they benefit from its presence by proactively responding to their needs.
  • Building and strengthening community institutions and Panchayti Raj Institutes (PRIs).
  • Working in partnership with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and government bodies to widen the reach, and leverage each partner’s individual experience and expertise.
  • Providing all assistance during times of disasters.
  • Encouraging its employees to volunteer.

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