Vastu is an ancient practice of developing and maintaining buildings according to certain directions and rules to attract the surrounding positive energy. This is a wondrous age old practice that makes the practitioners life prosperous and successful.

It is believed that the best time to implement Vastu is when you are planning to build your house. The vastu practice covers each and every nook and corner of the house to activate and harness the positive energy in our lives and the house.

Following are some of the short but important Vastu Tips to consider while planning the interior of your home


You have to make sure that the door opens at least up to ninety degrees, which signifies that you are welcoming maximum opportunities into your life. Besides this, you also have to ensure that the door is build up of a rock solid and strong material. This makes sure that your private and personal life is away from the interferences and protected from the outer world.

First thing your eyes see

After entering the house, what your eyes see first matters the most. It is always good that your eyes see something beautiful and serene after entering the house. This could be many things like flowers, photographs, a scenery that calms your mind etc.

Say No to Clutter

Clutter in the house kills positivity and brings frustration and anxiety in the mind. Make sure that your house is clutter-free with enough room for movement. According to Vastu, clutter of any type especially the one that lies inside your cupboard or under the bed, sofa, almirahs is highly harmful. This clutter could also contain some things of your past, which you are letting affect your life by clinging on. It is best remove the clutter of your house and let the positivity enter and help you start afresh.


Always make sure to not place the mirror on the northern side of the room. This will always make you think about the negativities and troubles of life, whereas will also ensure that your problems bounce back at you. You may move the mirror to another wall or just keep the mirror covered before going to sleep at night.

Sharp Corners

Vastu refrains us to sleep directly in line with sharp corners. Sharp Corners are said to deprive you of relaxation, serenity and make your life much stressed and tensed. This will not help you do better and succeed in life anyway.

Hope the above tips may help you embark on a life full of love, luck and laughter in the house of your dreams.