The rising concerns of environmental pollution and global warming have created an alarming situation. It’s high time that we all introduce a change in our life patterns and rely more on renewable sources of energy and sustainable construction designs.
Here are some of the most sustainable buildings all around the world

1) Bank of America Tower, New York City, USA

This building is known as the first high rise building with LEED Platinum certification and stands amongst the most sustainable skyscrapers in the world. This building boasts of CO2 monitors, LED lights, and waterless urinals. In addition to this, the building owns its own generation plant with a capability of producing 4.6 megawatts of clean and sustainable energy.

2) One Angel Square, Manchester, UK

Headquarters of the Co-operative Group, One Angel Square houses about 3,000 employees. This building relies on a bio-diesel cogeneration plant, which works on rapeseed oil to generate electricity and heat.

3) Sun-Moon Mansion, Dezhou, China

This building is shaped in the form of a sundial. With a height of 75,000 square meters, this building is one of the world’s largest solar-powered structures. There are hotels, offices, research facilities, exhibition centres, conference centre, and convention spaces in the building. Moreover, the building features solar-powered hot water supply; solar paneling, which extends over an area of 50,000 square metres.

4) Shanghai Tower, Shanghai

The best part about this tower is that it has wind turbines on the top of the structure, which powers the outer lighting along with the park areas. It is because of the transparent inner and outer layer that natural light falls inside the building, which aborts the need for artificial lighting. Besides this, smart controls monitor everything and cut down the requirement of energy wherever needed.

5) Manitoba Hydro Place, Winnipeg, Canada

This building takes great pride in its thoughtful design for natural ventilation and thus, known as the most energy efficient and sustainable buildings in North America. The building also has a roof gardens, triple-glazed windows, and geothermal HVAC system for cooling and heating,

6) CIS Tower, Manchester, UK

This building is fuelled by more than 7,000 photovoltaic cells, which generate 180-megawatt hours of clean energy every year. That’s not it; the roof of the building is fitted with solar power panels and 24 wind turbines that generate 10 percent of the electricity.